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The Story Behind Wovi

Hello! I’m Adolfo Munizaga, co-founder of Wovi. Today, I want to share with you the beginning of our journey: how three colleagues, now friends, turned a common problem into a platform that empowers professionals and consulting firms.

The Idea 💡

April 2023, a regular lunch with Camilo and Fernando. Amidst laughter and jokes, we talked about streamlining data consolidation to have more time for what really matters (and perhaps a bit of leisure, too! 😄)

Then reality struck us: companies generally need help in an efficient and costly loop. The Idea emerged naturally: what if artificial intelligence, plus a bit of our ingenuity, could change all this? (By the way, this was right after the ChatGPT boom).

Wovi takes off

After months of work (and more than 25 pitches in different places) customizing an artificial intelligence model for our specific needs (everyone says that, but the truth is for this MVP, we directly connected to the OpenAI API 😂, fine-tuning came much later), we launched the MVP of Wovi. It was a challenge, especially when the transcription was slow and limited, but the more than 1000 users who joined in the first month clearly indicated that we were on the right track.

Our modest success opened the doors to Startup Chile, where our project received the needed boost.


Our time at Startup Chile marked a before and after. We achieved a significant agreement with one of the leading research companies in Chile and caught the attention of several media.

Even Google and Microsoft invited us to their events! What started with 1000 users quickly expanded to over 5300. Our goal has always been clear: to provide a tool that allows consulting firms and research companies to save time in report generation.


At Wovi, we dream of being regional leaders and benchmarks in consolidating business data. Our platform transforms manual processes into automated solutions, optimizing time and resources.

I have found inspiration in events like OpenAI’s Dev Day in San Francisco, where I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs and meet inspiring figures like Mira Murati, one of the minds behind ChatGPT.

A Journey of Innovation and Teamwork.

Our journey with Wovi proves that a real problem can give rise to a simple yet powerful solution. Along with Camilo and Fernando, we have leveraged the potential of AI to transform data consolidation. With a vision for the future and a focus on automation, Wovi has become a benchmark in the sector.
And remember, if your competition is advancing with better reports, it’s time to ask yourself: how are they achieving it? 🧐 I’ll give you a hint: it starts with W.